President Obama Speaks at Lake Tahoe Summit

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE -- Protecting and preserving Lake Tahoe -- it's the goal of the annual Lake Tahoe Summit.

"This is very nice!" exclaimed President Barack Obama.

And it's the reason the president joined Governor Jerry Brown and Senators Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein Wednesday at Harvey's Arena.

This was the president's first visit to Tahoe.

"This place is spectacular because it is one of the highest, deepest, oldest and purest lakes in the world," Obama said.

Obama stressed the importance of conserving the environment.

But while talking about climate change, he was heckled by someone in the crowd.

"I'm about to talk about it so you're interrupting me!" said Obama. "We tend to think of climate change as if it's something that's happening out there that we don't have control over. It's man made," he continued.

"Beauty transcends politics," Brown said.

Brown says preserving Lake Tahoe has been a priority that's united Democrats and Republicans over the years.

Since the summit began two decades ago, nearly $2 billion has been spent to protect and restore the lake.

It's something important to Tahoe residents Rayna and Dan Currier.

"We've noticed the clarity of our lake going down," said attendee Rayna Currier.

They've attended the event for four years in a row; this year with added excitement.

"As soon as we heard Obama was gonna be here we got tickets. We really are excited to see him," she said.

It was Obama's first and last visit to Tahoe as president.

"It's a celebration," said Nevada Senator Harry Reid.

A time to celebrate all the work that's been done to preserve a landmark cherished by so many.