Teachers in Yuba City Prepare to Strike

YUBA CITY -- A teacher strike is imminent in the Yuba City Unified School District.

At 2:30 Wednesday when the school bell rang, 40 teachers at Andros Karperos School cleared out their desks. They boxed up personal items and made a show of bringing the boxes to their cars in the parking lot.

The event was part publicity stunt and part actual preparation for a strike that seems less and less avoidable, as the Yuba City Teachers Association digs in, asking for a 13 percent raise. They say this raise would bring their pay in line with average salaries in similar school districts.

The Yuba City Unified School District claims the teachers are already paid about equal to similar districts.

They've offered a 9 percent raise over the two upcoming school years.

However, teachers tell FOX40 they're still trying to get a fair deal on last year's contract, which they say the district won't address.

Both sides say they hope to avoid a strike, however, they are so far apart in negotiations that does not seem likely at this point.

The Yuba City Teachers Association tells FOX40 they will notify parents and the school district prior to striking but haven't indicated whether they are days, hours or weeks away from making the decision.

Yuba City Unified School District says they have substitute teachers ready to step in, should there be a strike.