A Preview of Golden 1 Center’s Food Less Than 30 Days Before Arena Opening

SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento has been watching the Golden 1 Center take shape in the heart of downtown Sacramento.

With less than 30 days until opening day, the chefs are in the arena's kitchen, making sure fans are just as impressed with the food as they are with the new home for the Kings.

Executive Chef Michael Tuohy is the man behind the menu.

And this is not your average arena food, with grass-fed beef burgers, upscale hot dogs and fancy desserts.

"We want to set a very, very high bar and set an example that you can serve great food in a sports and entertainment venue if you care about where the food is coming from," Tuohy said.

The Golden 1 Center has partnered with several popular Sacramento eateries to offer items like LowBrau sausages and Centro's street tacos.

"We want to reduce that carbon footprint, we want to support local producers, local businesses, create jobs, keep dollars in our economy," said Tuohy.

There's a big emphasis on keeping it local. Most of the ingredients in all the food is from Northern California.

"Obviously food is part of the identity of Sacramento. So we want to embrace farm to fork, we want to embrace local farmers," said Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger.

Granger says 90 percent of the food and drinks served in the arena will come from within 50 miles of Sacramento.

There's also an emphasis on reducing waste.

"It's local chefs, when the food is done it's going to local Sacramento food banks. Even food scraps are going to be pulverized, turned into food scraps and go back into the soil," said Granger.

Eco-friendly, local and delicious.

The Kings want fans to get a memorable and filling experience at games and events starting next month.