Local Tragedy Becomes Presidential Campaign Talking Point

Our local tragedy has become a presidential campaign talking-point.

"Another reform I'm proposing is the passage of legislation named for Detective Michael Davis and Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver, two law enforcement officers recently killed by a previously deported illegal immigrant,” said Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump in a major speech on immigration reform Wednesday.

The Davis-Oliver Act would encourage, and to some degree compel, local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration police in keeping undocumented immigrants out.

"Mr. President, I'm asking you to build up that wall," said Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones in a YouTube video after the deaths Detective Davis and his own employee Deputy Oliver.

Jones called for stricter enforcement of immigration policy then, and today he says he's still working to get the Davis Oliver bill passed.

"The sacrifice of those two deputies was one [sic] the main factors that drove me to run for Congress, and honoring their legacies will be a constant focus for me once elected,” Jones said in a statement Thursday.

Noticeably absent from that statement was any mention of Donald Trump.

"This was a tragedy and a tragic loss, and we have to make sure we do everything we can to prevent a tragedy like that again. But, you know, Donald Trump evoking Danny Oliver's memory... that isn't who Danny Oliver was,” said Democratic Congressman Ami Bera.

Bera is Jones' opponent in the upcoming congressional race. He said he too is working on immigration reform but stopped short of endorsing the Davis-Oliver Act.

“When it comes to immigration, the federal sector and local sector obviously have to work together. And we've got to enforce the laws that we have,” Bera said.

But are they? Are we where we need to be as far as cooperation?

“You know, we can always do better," Bera said.