Sacramento Zoo’s Oldest Red Panda Dies

(Photo Courtesy: Sacramento Zoo, Mike Owyang) Red Panda Jane

(Photo Courtesy: Sacramento Zoo, Mike Owyang) Red Panda Jane

SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento Zoo announced the death of the oldest Red Panda  in the American Zoo and Aquarium Association.

Nineteen-year-old Jane died in her sleep at the Sacramento Zoo on Tuesday.

The average life expectancy of Red Pandas — an endangered species — living in zoos is about 10 and a half years.

Jane had been with the Sacramento Zoo since 2001. She was born at the Knoxville Zoo in 1997.

“Over the past year, Jane had been treated for some gum infections and dental problems. She was receiving daily treatments for arthritis in her hips and knees. After an active day of exploring her exhibit, she died in her sleep,” explained the Sacramento Zoo in a press release.

The zoo also says many were fond of Jane.

“… She was one of a kind, and definitely not your typical standoffish panda …,”said zookeeper Amanda Mayberry.