Woman Accused of Child, Elder Abuse Speaks Out from Behind Bars

Michelle Buenrostro is behind bars because Modesto police say she abused her 66-year-old mother and 9-year-old daughter by neglecting them and failing to feed them.

"I could see it must hurt you, these charges, what they're saying about you," FOX40 said.

"It hurts a lot. But I don't care what people say. That's my mom. No one takes care of her. I do. And every time she gets mad she fires me. So what, I come back every time."

"Because you love her?" FOX40 asked.

"Because I love her," she said.

She says she loves her daughter, and that reports of her feeding her child bug-infested food are just not true.

"I have food for my daughter. She has her own refrigerator outside in the garage. A little one," Buenrostro explained.

She says the rotten food belonged to her roommate, who she claims didn't pay rent and left their place a mess.

Buenrostro says her mother suffered from mental illness, and that claims of physical and mental abuse are false.

"She's a paranoid schizophrenic all my life. And I'm 46 years old. And I don't care what those people on the streets say. I don't care what anyone says. That's my mother. My daughter," she said.

"Was she a good mom to you, Michelle?" FOX40 asked.

"She was a good mom to me. She taught me morals, how to be honest, to be humble, to love the Lord."

For now, she believes her daughter is in the care of relatives.

"Don't let them make you cry. You're a good girl. You know the truth," she added. ""To the moon, I love you Destyni."