Police Investigate Hit-and-Run That Left Woman with Serious Injuries

SACRAMENTO -- A young woman is in the hospital with serious injuries after a car crashed into her while she was riding her motorcycle Friday night. It happened on the 7200 block of Gloria Drive.

The driver of the car fled the scene now police are looking for who did this.

Neighbor Kaelyn Johnson saw the aftermath of the hit-and-run and reflected on the 26-year-old woman fighting to recover after the crash, "There was blood everywhere her shoes were on the ground it was super traumatizing."

The Sacramento Police Department said a car pulled out of a driveway of an apartment complex on Gloria Drive when the driver hit the woman who was riding her motorcycle northbound on Gloria Drive. She was found unresponsive in front of an apartment complex at 7204 Gloria Drive.

Investigators canvassed the area but the suspect is still out there. The car involved is believed to be a late model silver Honda or Hyundai sedan. Police want you to look out for damage to the driver's side door.

"Anytime someone flees the scene of a collision that always raises a little bit of suspicion that something else is going on," said Traci Trapani, spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department

Police camera pods in the area may help, but so far investigators haven't had luck finding the car or the driver. They don't know if the suspect lives in the complex the car pulled out of.

The department is looking into all possibilities.

Anyone with information on this hit-and-run is urged to contact the Sacramento Police Department.