Roseville Neighborhood Residents Concerned About Several Missing Cats

ROSEVILLE -- They frequently act like they want nothing to do with the humans who feed and shelter them.

But ... then there are those other cat moments.

"He likes a lot of attention. When I'm working at home ... I sew ... he's right behind me all the time. He has a little box that he likes to go in. He's always in his box," said Amy.

That's just one of the kind of moments several Roseville cat owners like Amy have been left to miss since their pets have mysteriously gone missing in the last few months.

It's a concern that's prompted dozens of comments on the Next Door app about similar vanishings.

"You know I just think ... people are mean," said Nick Biggi.

Things just haven't been right around Biggi's Hidden Hills home since Dot's disappearance.

"We just kept hoping ... went down to the SPCA and looked," he said.

Amy's beloved 'Pibbs' is missing from the Cirby - Old Auburn Road Area.

"I raised him since he was two-weeks-old," she remembered.

Pibbs and Dot were both indoor-outdoor cats who both had a pattern of being away from home overnight or for a day and then coming back inside.

Dot did that for 10 years, Pibbs for three and then one day, they were just gone.

Something else strange happened when Amy couldn't find Pibbs.

"He went out that night and didn't come back in the morning ... and that was the same day that the other cat was found with the bee bee shots," said Amy, thinking back 36 days.

Amy, who didn't want to share her last name, reported that situation to police.

The owner of the pet shot to death is still too upset to talk on camera about what happened, but the situation has many in the area worried that cats are in danger in their neighborhoods.

"I feel like somebody did something specifically to the cat ... and injured it ... or I don't know. It's just one of those kind of things," said Biggi.

"Man whoever hurt him ... they're going to hell ... like I don't know how you could hurt an animal like that ... such a good boy," Amy said.

If you know anything about the missing cats or the one killed, Roseville Animal Control officers want to hear from you.