Stockton Mayor Silva Makes Second Court Appearance as Defense Team Prepares to Fight to Get Charges Dropped

AMADOR COUNTY -- Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva is fighting multiple criminal charges in Amador County.

As Silva walked into the courthouse, FOX40 asked him how he was feeling before facing a judge for the second time.

"I show up for an hour and leave it to my fabulous defense team and go back to work," Silva said.

Sitting in the courtroom, he appeared calm while facing a new judge for a hearing that lasted over two hours.

Last month, the embattled mayor pleaded not guilty to one felony and three misdemeanors for allegedly supplying alcohol to a minor and secretly recording a strip poker game at his annual youth summer camp.

Attorney Mark Reichel says the defense is optimistic new evidence will help their case.

"We think the evidence we got today, the discovery we got today will help strengthen the motions we plan to file," Reichel said.

In the coming weeks, the defense plans to file motions to suppress evidence and drop charges in a case they call politically motivated.

"The most important motion will be the motion to dismiss the charges based out outrageous government misconduct," Reichel said.

Reichel says the charges are outrageous and he's confident Silva will come out unscathed.

"We are confident we are going to beat the charges and confident that he should continue to run his race for mayor. To do anything else I think steals an election," Reichel said.

Silva's next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 18 at 9 a.m., just three weeks before Election Day.

Silva is running for re-election against City Councilman Michael Tubbs.