Stockton Officers Reach Out to Community Following Shooting Death of Teen

STOCKTON -- Door-to-door, face-to-face -- the Stockton Police Department’s neighborhood impact team visited Connecticut and Dallas avenues in Stockton on Wednesday afternoon.

It's been three days since 16-year-old Elian Christian Calvo was gunned down, less than 24 hours since a man used a gun to intimidate drivers and more than a moth since a standoff between a Bay Area shooting suspect and police ended peacefully.

"This place is a bad environment,” neighbor Shane Vang said.

Vang told FOX40 she’s so scared of the violence she doesn’t let her children play outside.

"A lot of gangbangers, and parties and drive-bys, most of the time,” Vang said.

When officers visited her home, Vang said it was a welcome change.

Officers said they will visit neighborhoods shortly after tragedies to alert the public of resources and ways they can help.

"That people can come together, get to know their neighbors and look out for one another,” Rosie Calderon, a community services officer said.

Neighborhood watch and Crimestoppers can help neighborhoods become tighter-knit for the safety of all families.

Officers also advised families of the neighborhood watch meeting on Sept. 15.