Yuba City Teacher Strike Leaves Parents, Students, Caught in the Middle

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YUBA CITY -- Geneva Murray made on thing very clear to her daughter when she learned her teacher would not be in the classroom at Lincoln Elementary Thursday morning.

"I told her this is a discussion between grown-ups, and that she shouldn't worry about," Murray said.

The union that represents the Yuba City Teachers agreed (with a 95% vote) in May of this year to go on strike if they and the district were unable to reach a restructured salary agreement - Thursday was that day.

The Yuba City Unified School District had replacement teachers on campuses at its 17 schools so that class would continue during the strike. It is unknown how many teachers are replacing the 700 teachers who were on the picket lines Thursday.

While the majority of students were in class at Lincoln Elementary on Thursday, some parents did choose to keep their kids out of school.

"Until her teacher is back in class my daughter will not go to class," says parent Michelle Maldonado.

Strike organizers says they will remain on strike for as long as it takes.