Car Crashes Into Building at Solano Community College, 10 Injured

SOLANO -- Cuts and bruises cover Ray Ortiz's legs. The Solano Community College student was taking a math test on Friday morning when a car came barreling through his classroom.

"We didn't know what was going to happen," Ortiz said, adding that his cuts were from moving broken classroom furniture. "I didn't know, I just kept removing desks."

The Solano County Sheriff's Office said the driver, a school employee, suffered a medical emergency, lost control of his vehicle, drove over several hundred feet of grass and plowed into the school's portable building.

Ortiz's granddaughter was in the classroom as well.

"I literally saw a car, and then saw no desks and no students," Antoinette Ortiz said. "It really freaked me out. I was just in shock—I was crying."

The impact of the crash left one student in her desk pinned between the car and a wall. Ten people, including the driver, were hurt, seven were taken to area hospitals with minor to moderate injuries.

Many students FOX40 spoke to said the campus aren't as crowded on Fridays, but any other day, it could have been much worse.

"This is a high traffic area," Erin Martinez, a student at the college, told FOX40. "A lot of the students park here and travel through all day long. There's never a quiet time during Monday through Thursday."

The damage to the portable is extensive. The school tells us they plan to relocate the algebra class.

"We are very fortunate that we didn't have serious injuries," said Celia Esposito-Noy, Superintendent-President of Solano College.