Stockton Police Union Blasts Silva’s Citizens Police Review Board

STOCKTON — The Stockton Police Officers Association issued a statement Friday, blasting Mayor Anthony Silva’s proposed citizens police review board.

“If you look at cities that are much larger than Stockton — San Diego, Oakland, you name it, they already have this,” Silva told FOX40 on Thursday.

Silva says the committee would be made of up nine Stockton residents and would investigate anything from police shootings to claims against the city, and then make recommendations to the city manager.

But the city’s police union says Silva’s move is politically motivated — that it’s retaliation after the group endorsed Silva’s opponent, City Counselor Michael Tubbs, in the November mayoral election:

Given the timing of the mayor’s “proposal”, on the heels of his recent arrest in Amador County, combined with his current and continuing pattern of inexcusable behavior, adding the fact that the Stockton Police Officers Association endorsed his opponent for the upcoming election for the office of Mayor, we cannot help but wonder if this sudden scrutiny of Stockton Police Officers is political payback, which also serves to deflect the attention of the Citizens of Stockton from his own personal troubles and legal issues.

The union also argued that a system of checks and balances is already in place within the department.

Silva says his proposal is still in the planning stage, and wouldn’t be implemented until after, or if, he is reelected.

Critics of citizen review boards, particularly in Oakland, say they are typically understaffed and city officials often ignore their recommendations.