Yuba City Teachers, School District to Resume Negotiations Over Pay Increase

Yuba City Unified School District and the union that represents over 700 of its teachers agreed to head back to the bargaining table Saturday after the city’s mayor invited the two sides to meet.

The Yuba City Teachers Association spent all of Thursday and Friday on the picket lines instead of teaching after talks for a pay increase stalled. The union called for a 13 percent pay increase, after rejecting the district’s 3.5 percent raise.

Yuba City mayor John Buckland called for the two sides to meet Saturday and bargain “in good faith.”

“Everyone wants a timely resolution to this conflict that affects so many entities of our community,” Buckland said in a press release. “We hope that by creating an opportunity for the two sides to meet, negotiations will resume and find the common ground from which a positive outcome can be reached.”

Dina Luetgens, president of the teachers union, and school district superintendent Nancy Aaberg have both said in separate statements that each side is hopeful for a resolution.

“We continue to believe that resolving this impasse will require an innovative solution that focuses on the future,” Aaberg said.

Luetgens echoed those sentiments, adding that the meeting is a “direct result” of the support teachers have received during the strike.

Luetgens said that the district will want to end the strike and come to a decision soon. She added that YCUSD will need to make progress in negotiations, or the strike will continue.