Yuba City Teachers Strike Continues into Second Day

YUBA CITY -- Teachers of the Yuba City Unified School District continued their strike for a second day.

For months, the teachers association said they have been asking for a 13% pay raise.
The district has offered what they call a 9.6 percent package, but the teachers say it is not enough.

"This school year, 2016-2017, with a 5.6 percent increase, with more compensation for next school year, and additional compensation for teachers that have more advanced study for their bachelors degree. And that was a combination of 9.6 percent," Nancy Aaberg, Superintendent of Yuba City Unified School District, said.

"It is highly misleading. It is not a 9.6 percent proposal. It actually forces us to completely ignore one year. It is a three-year proposal. And it is only four percent over three years, The rest of it, the district can take away any time they want to," Dina Luetgins, President of the Yuba City Teachers Association said.

During the strike, the district brought in substitute teachers, paying them, double their normal salary.

On Thursday, the Teacher’s Association shared a picture on social media, claiming the substitutes assigned high school students packets which included cross word puzzles.

The district insisted the substitutes are using materials, based on Common Core standards, and that the picture the Teacher’s Association shared only included the “extra” materials. They urge parents to come take a look at the actual packets students received at school.

At Yuba City High School, many students once again chose to skip class, and stand with their teachers.

"I actually walked out. And I stayed here until 3:10 supporting them, and I think it was the best experience I had with my teachers because I got really close with them. And I got to learn about what's going on," student, Elivet Juarez said. She and her friend hand made posters and supported teachers from across the street.

The strike is also affecting high school athletics.

"It's the first time in 25 years I'm going to miss a football game tonight," Joel Seaman said. He is a teacher and a Yuba City High Football Coach. Because he is striking, he is forced to skip the game.

"It's less than ideal, but what can we do? The kids want to play. And we want to support the kids the best we can. So we're going to play tonight. I'm not going. It breaks my heart," Seaman said.

Both sides said they are willing to spend the weekend negotiating if it means there will not be a third day of striking.