Mosaic Made of Remains of Butte Fire Unveiled in Mountain Ranch

The Butte Fire took homes and lives, but what it couldn't take was the strength of the counties it ravaged. Many gathered Saturday in Mountain Ranch for an event honoring the one year anniversary of the fire.

The group revealed a mosaic made from remains of the fire, so now there's a place to come and reflect on last year's blaze.

"They can tell stories, they're going to want to bring their family here to see it, and they're going to want to sit on the bench and talk," said mosaic artist Robin Modlin.

Events like this may be a reminder of the hell they went through, but it's also a reminder of strength and the future.

This event wouldn't be complete without the re-dedication of the Phil D. Alberts Baseball Field. It was ruined while used as a staging area during the fire. With community donations people can once again play ball.

"It's great. It's my swan song," said field namesake Phil Alberts. "They're going to scatter my ashes right there on the pitching mound,"