Veteran’s Service Dog Stolen from Family’s Yard

Nothing will ever fill the void in Kayela Marsh's life that left when she said goodbye to her 2-month-old son Noah. He died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

She keeps a recording of a song she sang for Noah at his funeral, the last moment she saw him.

"A lot of anger, to be honest. A lot of anger. I've gone through a lot. I mean, she's kept me OK, my daughter,” said Kayela.

Her daughter Tessa was only 3 years old when Noah died, but Kayela says it had an impact.

"There's been times where we'll be driving in the car and she just bursts into tears, [saying], 'I miss my brother, I miss my brother,'" Kayela said. "She has a lot of moments. She likes to take the pictures off the counter and sit there with them."

So to do the impossible, try to get young Tessa's mind off her baby brother, Kayela brought home Zeus—a Blue Nose Bulldog puppy.

The dog was living with Tessa's father, Anthony Frank, an Iraq War Veteran who suffers from PTSD and a traumatic brain injury. Zeus has become a healing presence for both of them.

But Tessa only sees Zeus in pictures now. One week ago, Zeus was stolen after someone broke Frank's fence and took the dog.

"You don't realize what you're taking away from people," Frank's sister Ashley Massaro. "You don't realize that could be one piece that's holding a four year old together. Or the one piece that's keeping a veterans mind that's had a traumatic brain injury and PTSD on the ground.

"Ever since then my brother, he's just on edge with everything. He hasn't been sleeping."

His family isn’t looking for retribution, not even payment. All they're asking for now is for their dog to be returned.

"I lost my baby. My daughter lost her brother. And then you take a big part of her life away, that she has to adjust to again. It's just like my son dying all over again,” said Kayela.

Kayela is hoping someone out there has a change of heart, and brings back the piece of their lives that’s helped them move forward from the tragic memory of having to bury her baby son.