4 Arrested in String of El Dorado Hills Home Invasions

EL DORADO HILLS -- Four men are in custody, arrested for breaking into homes in El Dorado Hills and holding those who lived there at gunpoint while they stole valuables.

"Life can be gone in a heartbeat. This could've been that situation. I'm lucky it wasn't,” said Stan Silva, one of the people whose home was broken into. It only lasted a few minutes, but Silva says the intense, fear-filled moment seemed much longer.

Around 2 a.m. Sunday, four men broke into his home on Lago Vista Drive in El Dorado Hills and held him at gunpoint while they stole his cell phone, wallet and other valuables.

All four were arrested shortly after, but that won’t help Silva sleep any better tonight.

"Do you have peace of mind today?"

El Dorado County Sheriffs investigators say the four men broke into a second home Sunday morning, and tried for a third –all within a few minutes driving from Silva's home. The entire home invasion spree lasted about forty-five minutes before the suspects were caught. Sheriff’s deputies tracked the suspects SUV down at a gas station in El Dorado Hills and found masks, gloves, stolen phones and guns inside.

"In fact I lived in Antioch. My house was robbed, my car was stolen, and we decided we had enough. We left. We came up here to Leave it to Beaver town,” said Dorothy Dennin.

Dannon says the low crime rate in El Dorado hills was the reason she moved there. She lives near Silva, who came pounding on her door at 2:30 a.m., after the home invasion, hoping he could call 911 from her home.

"What if it's somebody trying to get into my home,” Dennin remembers thinking. Her fears became a reality for Silva.

"Do that extra little thing. Make sure the doors are locked, make sure you got things together,” said Silva.

And as the sun sets on normally quiet El Dorado Hills, at least three neighborhoods are now left to wonder how safe their homes really are.