High School Baseball Team’s Equipment Stolen Days Before First Game

STOCKTON -- Shards of tinted glass and thousands of dollars of damage done all for a sports bag full of baseball equipment that was swiped.

"Only worth something to anybody if they’re on the baseball field,” said Gregg Marsh, head coach for Franklin High School’s baseball team in Stockton.

He added that his players use donated and hand-me-down equipment.

That gear -- helmets, catchers gear, a couple of baseball bats -- were inside the sports bag.

"Thinking they were just looking for anything," Marsh said. "They probably had a flashlight going around the back side of the property here.”

The coach told FOX40 that his SUV was broken into around 4 a.m. on Saturday. His Yukon was parked where broken pieces of glass were shattered on Monday at the Quailwood Apartment Complex in the northern part of the city.

"I wasn’t angry, it just kind of hurt my feelings,” Marsh said.

Marsh said the gear is not worth much, but with their first game on Tuesday, they’ve been put in a bind.

"Our first game for the fall is tomorrow, so we’ll scramble to get some equipment together to be able to play,” he said.

He hopes the burglar has a change of heart.

"Just drop it off. Drop it off somewhere,” he said.

The coach has filed a police report. He also said the gear should have the Franklin High School logo on it. Other teams may let them borrow equipment but their end game is to replace what was stolen.