Yuba City Teachers Strike Stretches into Third Day

YUBA CITY -- Picket signs and protesters lined the streets near Yuba City High School as the teachers strike entered into another day.

A 16-hour negotiation session on Saturday between the Yuba City Unified School District and the teachers union proved unsuccessful.

According to the district, as of Monday evening, negotiations had resumed.

Hundreds of protesters joined forces on Monday outside the district office.

The protesters were holding picket signs and cheering as the Yuba City teacher’s strike continued on.

Debbie Mertes has been a teacher for 22 years. She's on the picket line because she believes the district isn’t paying enough.

"The new teachers who are fresh out of school are not going to want to come to a district where they’re paid significantly less," Mertes said.

Over the weekend, the district and the teachers association tried to reach an agreement but both sides refused to back down.

The district says it offered to increase teachers’ salaries by 11.1 percent over the next two school years bringing the top salaries to almost $100,000 a year.

The teacher’s association insists their salaries are 13 percent below the statewide average, and they want back pay for last school year.

The teachers say they’re holding out for what they consider a “fair deal.”

"It seems like a very big disconnect between administration at the district office level and the board and teachers. It's very much an 'us vs them,'" Mertes said.

Some students were not standing by silently. On Friday, attendance district-wide hovered around 42 percent.

"This is like a second home, and teachers are like our parents, without them why are we here," said Fernanda, a student at Yuba City High School.

Teachers say if an agreement isn't reached they will continue to strike.