Apartment Complex Uses Dog Poop DNA to Catch Residents Who Don’t Pick Up After Pets

NATOMAS -- Picking up your pet's poo is an unwritten rule for all dog owners.

Well, it's actually written in the lease at the Homecoming at Creekside apartment complex in Natomas.

"If they do poop and you don't pick it up, you get fined," said Chelsea Mello who lives in the complex.

The days of sneaking off without cleaning up after your dogs are done. If you don't do it the complex can find out with a DNA test.

A pet information form comes with rental applications. If your pooch is moving in with you the form says the complex will take a sample of your dog's DNA. They can match the DNA to waste left laying around. The form said the complex wants to "eliminate abandoned waste throughout the property."

Employees tell FOX40 the "Poo Print" program started about a year ago, and it's going well so far, but residents have mixed reactions on the effectiveness.

"There's usually poop on the grass," said resident Cory Noreen.

While Mello said, "Our whole complex is pretty good about picking up their dog's poop."

The self-proclaimed dog-friendly complex has pet stations with baggies to help residents get rid of waste. Employees said the DNA testing keeps the property clean and pets safe.

The Lewis Group of Companies owns the complex. The company didn't return FOX40s request for comment.