Bargaining Underway After Stockton Teachers Vote to Strike

STOCKTON -- Intimidating tactics and illegal actions -- that’s what the Stockton Teachers Association claims the Stockton Unified School District had done in light of a potential strike.

Union leaders met on Wednesday afternoon. They were briefed on the latest meetings between teachers and the school district.

STA claims the school district pulled some illegal moves. First they claim the district is intimidating teachers from crossing future picket lines. They also claimed that a decision passed by the board on Tuesday night to increase substitutes teacher pay is against their contact.

Those complaints will be filed with the Public Employment Relations Board, the state agency which oversees the collective bargaining process.

The latest complaints adds to the drama that has unfolded between teachers and the school district.

On Tuesday, dozens of educators “stormed” the board meeting and days before that, STA members cast their ballots and green-lighted the call for a strike.

FOX40 asked the president of the STA if a strike will happen, he said it’s a tough call.

"The only thing I like to say is there have been some rumors that we go on strike tomorrow or next week and the strike is still at least two to three weeks away because there are still some planning to go into effect, at the same time we're still going to give the district some time to work with us to resolve before we go to strike,” STA President Erich Myers said.

FOX40 also reached out to the Stockton Unified School District. They emailed us saying: “Both sides are in bargaining today, and we are optimistic for a positive outcome for students and teachers."