Man Steals $300 Worth of Shrimp from Stockton Grocery Store

STOCKTON -- A robbery and a death threat all for $300 worth of shrimp at the Stockton Safeway on Country Club Boulevard.

“I’m not shocked. I heard about a couple cases of Red Bull with the same thing,” Kelly Miller, a customer said.

The Stockton Police Department said Robert Thomas allegedly took about $300 worth of shrimp and other groceries on Tuesday around 10 p.m. Officers also said as Thomas left the store with the stolen shrimp, he threatened employees and said he would beat and kill them if they tried to stop him.

“It’s terrible isn’t it. It’s not safe to even walk this neighborhood anymore,” customer Haskell Lauderdale said.

Shoppers FOX40 spoke to on Wednesday said they’re not the least bit surprised.

“I’m sure. I’m sure of it. This area has been getting worse and worse over the years it’s kind of sad,” Miller explained.

Thomas didn’t get too far with the stolen shellfish. Officers said they caught the 51-year-old shortly after the robbery.

They also took Collette Harrell, his suspected getaway driver to jail. The arrest does little to ease shoppers minds. They said, they hear of robberies here all the time.

“Every time I leave work at night or I come in [or] have to do bank runs or anything like that I’m definitely on my toes,” Miller said.

Police said Thomas and Harrell were arrested for conspiracy and possession of stolen property.