Modesto Woman Picks Up Wrong Child from Preschool

MODESTO -- Imagine arriving at school to pick up your preschooler only to find out your kid isn’t there and the school doesn’t know where he or she is. It happened at a Modesto school Tuesday and it turns out, the child had gone home with the wrong family.

When school let out at Shackelford Elementary School on Wednesday, some parents' guard was up as they picked up their own children the day after one preschooler was allowed to go home with the wrong family.

Tuesday, a mother who usually picked up her own child and a neighbor’s child called the school to say an aunt would pick up the two kids that day.

“The aunt arrived at the school signed out both kids and stayed and watched the kids play,” said Becky Fortuna with Modesto City Schools.

The kids were playing under the supervision of a teacher watching kids whose parents had not yet arrived. That’s when things went wrong.

The aunt took the two children home and quickly realized the mistake. According to Fortuna, she brought the child right back. But not before the child’s mother showed up at school looking for her kid.

School staff were reviewing checkout logs, and searching the school grounds, when another child told them the missing child had gone home with another adult.

The school district says school policy is students must leave campus after being signed out, a policy which was violated in this case when the children stayed to play after being signed out.

The district is working to make sure that policy is not ignored again.