Family, Friends Hold Fundraiser for Man Killed in Stockton on His Birthday

STOCKTON -- Family of 21-year-old Xavier Elsumeri, who was shot to death in Stockton on his birthday last week, held a fundraiser to help pay for his funeral services.

Stockton police say Elsumeri was shot on the 1900 block of East Myrtle Street in Stockton in the early evening of September 8. His killer is still unaccounted for.

Witnesses said a GMC pickup truck passed a car Elsumeri had been sitting in, made a U-turn, and then fired a barrage of bullets into his car, hitting Elsumeri in the head.

"He had a smile that brightened up the whole room," one of Elsumeri's cousins said. "It's something you'll never forget. You'll never forget it and we're gonna miss it,"

Family tells FOX40, Elsumeri was a barber at Enrique's Hair Studio in Stockton where he would often give free haircuts to neighborhood kids who could not afford them. His employer said he also teamed up with a local organization to give haircuts to kids who were he victims of violent crimes.

"He was one of the best barbers I had of the not the best. But it wasn't the haircuts, it was the lives he touched," Enrique Estrada said.

If you would like to donated to Elsumeri's funeral fund, click here.