Hundreds of Volunteers to Clean Up Debris Left Along Yuba River by Homeless Residents

MARYSVILLE -- A hundred volunteers are expected to help clean-up areas where homeless were vacated last month along the Yuba River.

Crews cleared out 190 tons of debris after residents were relocated, because the camps became an environmental hazard. Homeless people have been offered shelter by various social service agencies but have left much their trash behind.

The heavy equipment could not remove smaller items (including tires, pieces of household items, batteries, glass and remnants of shelters) that line the banks and form campsites.

Makeshift latrines and buckets of human waste also dot the area. All of the trash has the danger of ending up in the Yuba River.

In recent years, homeless residents had moved in RV's, trailers and wooden shelters in the area. Toxic liquids like oils and battery acids can be found in the soil.

Volunteers will use gloves, heavy boots and other protective gear in helping to remove the trash.

"A year from now, we hope to have families walking down here and enjoying this area by the river, something that hasn't happened here in years," said Yuba County spokesperson Russ Brown.

The voluntary clean-up even is being sponsored by Yuba County Environmental Health and the South Yuba River Citizens League.