Volunteers Help Clear Trash For Annual Coastal Cleanup Day

Thousands of volunteers across the country and across the globe picked up trash Saturday as part of the annual Coastal Cleanup Day, an international effort involving 47 countries and nearly 800,000 volunteers.

And that coast doesn't just run along the ocean.

"Folks might not realize that the parkway they use every day, and the river that they use every day, flows down the Sacramento, flows down the Delta and eventually reaches the sea," said Jordan Powell, with the American River Parkway Foundation.

The ARPF said this year they picked up an estimated 20,000 pounds of trash.

"Food packages, like chips and water bottles and juice bottles," said Denise, one of ARPF's volunteers.

She said every year the type of trash gets stranger, and where it ends up is also changing.

"With the flooding there was a lot of stuff in the river, so you're finding stuff in the trees."

But it wasn't just on the shore where volunteers found garbage. Some pull trash out from underwater.

"[There are] divers and boaters on the river, pulling stuff up from the bottom, cans and stuff like that which floated to the bottom of the river," said Powell.

Volunteers picked up trash in the delta as well, with clean up crews in Yolo, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano and Contra Costa counties.