Stockton Police Investigate Shooting That Left One Man Dead, One Woman Injured

STOCKTON -- A man is dead and a woman was sent to the hospital with bullet wounds after a gunman opened fire early Sunday morning in Stockton.

The shooting happened on Filbert and Washington streets near Highway 4  and Highway 99 in Stockton.

"You still get a little scared every now and then," said Christian Alatorie, who lives nearby.

Alatorie and his family were inside watching television when the shots rang out.

"We were watching a movie and roughly around 2:30 we heard a couple of shots, it sounded like a heavy gun," Alatorie told FOX40 that's when they poked their heads outside. "We weren't sure if it was a gun or fireworks, but we waited awhile and then we heard more gunshots."

Sunday, the police evidence marker numbers were into the 60s with shell casings still visible next to many of them.

"We got a little concerned because we have our car around the block. So we tried to see if it got hit or anything, and they wouldn't let us go near it because they said there's a lot of evidence around it," Alatorie said.

Stockton police said a 28-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were hit by the gunfire, and the man later died. The woman is expected to be OK, according to a department spokesperson. Meanwhile detectives are not sure of the motive.

"I mean, you can never be too sure around here. It could be (gangs) it could be... wrong people at the wrong place at the wrong time," Alatorie told FOX40.

Officers are asking for tips, hoping a potential CrimeStoppers reward could entice someone to come forward. As always, tipsters can remain anonymous.

While police conducted their investigation, Filbert Street had to be shut down while they collected all the evidence.