Police Impostor Tries to Pull Over Woman in Ceres

CERES — Police are investigating a report of a vehicle with red and blue lights trying to pull over a car in Ceres.

A 29-year-old woman called police on Thursday to report a charcoal gray Chevy sedan with red and blue lights on its dash was trying to pull her over on Morgan Road and Whitmore.

The woman didn’t think it was a real police car because she didn’t hear a siren.

She said the driver was a male.

The woman was instructed by police to drive toward the Ceres Police Department. Officers caught up to the woman but the vehicle that was trailing her was gone.

No agencies had an unmarked police car in the area trying to initiate a traffic stop, according to police.

Anyone with information about the incident can remain anonymous and is encouraged to contact the Ceres Police Department (209) 538-5713 or Detective Sergeant Danny Vierra at (209)538-5672.