Special Trip to Notre Dame for Stockton Students

SACRAMENTO — Four years ago when teacher Dr. Allison Silva was told her class needed to adopt a college to get her students thinking about post high school education, she and her students chose Notre Dame.

Turns out supporting the Fighting Irish was a great investment.

Thursday Morning the fourth grade teacher at Taylor Learning Academy and her students boarded a plane on the way to South Bend Indiana – home of Notre Dame.

“The support of the Notre Dame community has been amazing,” says Silva.

After personally visiting Notre Dame’s campus last year as a representative for her school, the college then invited the teacher and her students to fly out to visit the school, check out a football game, and have the whole flight paid for by their official partner Delta Airlines.

“If you’re a Notre Dame fan, you get it,” says 10-year-old Albert Villareal.

Some of the students admit they had never heard of Notre Dame prior to getting into Silva’s class, but now most can’t wait to apply there someday – or at least get a meet and greet with the football coach this weekend.

“I want to meet Brian Kelly, I want to tell him he’s the best coach,” says student Alazarria.