Mayor Kevin Johnson Speaks Out Following Pie Attack

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SACRAMENTO -- After days of silence, Mayor Kevin Johnson made his first public appearance in Sacramento at the Tower Bridge Dinner after being hit in the face with a pie Wednesday.

Johnson said having a pie slammed in his face does concern him.

"Once it happens, once you are a little bit more guarded, a little bit more aware," he said.

Sean Thompson, 32, is accused of throwing the pie into the mayor's face during another farm-to-fork dinner. The self-proclaimed Occupy Sacramento activist was hospitalized, received nine stitches and a day behind bars.

Johnson said everything happened so quickly he just reacted.

"You don't know if the person has a weapon, knife or gun, you don't know anything, so your instincts are just to protect," said Johnson.

The pie in the face, Thompson said, was his form of protest. In a jailhouse interview, Thompson told FOX40 he wants the mayor to focus on creating jobs and helping the homeless.

"I don't mind him voicing his opinion, but just do it in a proper form, just don't attack somebody, don't revert to violence," said Johnson.

Farm-to-fork's finale celebration event was initially patrolled by the Sacramento and West Sacramento police departments and the CHP. While those agencies said they didn't increase their patrols for Johnson, the mayor's own security team was beefed up.

"I normally have one security but today I have two," he said.

Thompson was released from jail Friday. He's charged with a felony for assaulting a public official and a misdemeanor for battery on school property.

"I'll be meeting with law enforcement this week, they did a good job in a short period of time, they'll update me on what the process is," Johnson said.