Concerns About Golden 1 Center Disabled Parking

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SACRAMENTO -- The Golden 1 Center has more than 17,000 seats but no public parking on site.

For able-bodied Golden 1 Center-goers, walking a few blocks to the arena may not be a problem, but for physically challenged arena attendees, it could be a deal breaker.

Patrons with mobility restrictions who drive to the arena must either find street parking or park in downtown parking lots with the general public. The city of Sacramento encourages people to use their new site to plan their visit.

“The problem is all of these parking options are at least a block away or more, for someone with mobility impairment, that’s impossible to overcome,” says Russell Rawlings, the chair of the Disability Advisory Commission, which advises the Sacramento City Council.

There is a loading zone on Fourth and J streets reserved for people with disabilities. That zone is about a block from the closest Golden 1 Center entrance on Fifth and J streets.

Rawlings points out the loading zone doesn’t help if the person behind the wheel has a mobility issue.

“That does make it easier for somebody who simply cannot walk that distance, but if you’re that driver then what do you do?” he said.

Sacramento resident Sara Michael also sees a flaw in the loading zone option, not everyone can be left alone while their companion parks.

“You come here for something that’s later, you drop a person off in a wheelchair, crutches, whatever, and they’re out there by themselves, somebody comes up on us, we can’t run away, we’re not safe.

There will be city of Sacramento and Golden 1 Center employees helping attendees navigate the path from the loading zone to the entrance.

Overall, both Rawlings and Michael are excited for the arena's prospects, and are glad to hear people using Paratransit will be dropped off, directly in front of the Golden 1 Center on L Street. They hope concerns about accessibility don’t keep people away.

The city of Sacramento encourages people to use their new website for tips on the best way to access the Golden 1 Center. The site also includes a ADA accessible map to the Golden 1 Center.