Stockton Community Urging People to Come Forward with Information About Who Killed 3-Year-Old Melanie Martinez

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STOCKTON -- Almost three days later, the crime scene tape is down in South Stockton and the search for whoever killed 3-year-old Melanie Martinez has intensified.

"Right now we haven't had any good tips coming into the police department," said Officer Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.

Desperate for information, Stockton police officers and Mayor Anthony Silva spent the afternoon going door-to-door on Commerce Street.

They're encouraging people who live near the scene of the Sunday night shooting to come forward with information.

"There's a difference between loyalty and being a snitch and turning in a murderer," Mayor Silva said.

"How can someone take a 3-year-old's life away from them and have no remorse about it. Someone in Stockton knows. Kids talk, citizens talk, gangs talk," said Bridgette Oliver Markel.

Moved by the loss of an innocent young life, Oliver-Markel is making and selling T-shirts to honor little Melanie and raise money for her grieving family.

"This is not a game, you're dealing with innocent lives now, and you're taking kids from us as parents, and you're destroying our community," said Jessica Sewell.

Sewell understands the pain this toddler's family is enduring.

Her son Juwan was shot and killed in Stockton last year. His killer was never caught.

"In my eyes, he was a baby. He was my son and he was taken from me and people need to realize that you have to say something," Sewell said.

Stockton police say roughly half of homicides in the city have gone unsolved in recent years.

Investigators are trying to act fast to figure out who's responsible for taking Melanie's life.

"We owe it to Melanie and her family to find the cowards with guns who committed that senseless act of violence that night on this street," Officer Silva said.

Anyone with more information is asked to call the Stockton Police Department at (209) 937-8377 or Crime Stoppers at (209)946-0600.

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