Fallen U-2 Pilot Loved Flying, Family Even More

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BEALE AIR FORCE BASE -- Just over a week after he passed away, friends, family and coworkers of 46-year-old Steve Eadie gathered at Beale Air Force Base to remember his life.

"The only thing that makes my heart shine in all of this is knowing that he passed away doing what he loved - you will be missed," said Eadie's daughter, Amanda Laporta, speaking to the crowd of mourners while she fought back tears.

Eadie passed away when his U-2 plane crashed during a training exercise near Beale Air Force Base.

Both Eadie and his copilot were able to eject themselves from the plane, however, only the copilot survived.

Eadie is survived by his wife, six children, and one grandchild.

Now 26-years-old, Cameron is Eadie's eldest child.

"I'm so grateful for the 26 years we had together, I love you dad," said Cameron Eadie.

Eadie is a 1994 graduate of Florida State University, he met his wife prior in Junior College, eventually enrolling in the Navy and switching over to the Air Force so he could continue flying planes.

At Beale Air Force Base Eadie was part of the U-2 program, as a pilot and a trainer to those learning to fly the plane.