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Local Bakery Selling Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Cookies

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TURLOCK -- The Olde Tyme Pastries shop is taking advantage of the last presidential debate that broke viewing records by offering Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton cookies.

The offerings have the images of the candidates printed on the vanilla frosting of the short dough cookies, which are similar to short bread.

Shop owner Terri Coonce can't help but have fun with the cookies by holding an informal gastronomic poll based on sales. She says she isn't playing favorites with the recipes.

They’re both identical, we’re not doing a better flavor here or better flavor there," said Coonce.

So far sales are mimicking traditional polls.

“Trump was winning, today just by today only, Hillary is winning…it’s pretty tight, we couldn’t call it because by the hour it changes," said Coonce.

The cookie poll, however, is skewed because most sales are to customers who want to get the goat of friends.

Martha Borges bought a Hillary cookie for her boss, who is in fact a Trump supporter.

"It's the presidential election, you have to have fun with it," said Borges.

And Dean Jepson says he would have to be careful if he had a party with his friends.

"The lesser of two evils? I'd probably get eight of these (Hillary cookies) and four of these (Donald cookies)," said Jepson.

For the record, during the last presidential race, Obama cookies far outsold Romney cookies.

Of course in the end both cookies are sugar and fat and empty calories. It remains to be seen whether that will be the characteristics of our next president.