Suspect in Denise Huskins Kidnapping Pleads Guilty

VALLEJO — A disbarred Harvard University-trained attorney has pleaded guilty to a bizarre kidnapping that police initially dismissed as a hoax.

Matthew Muller admitted in federal court in Sacramento on Thursday that he snatched the woman and held her for ransom last year.

The 39-year-old previously pleaded not guilty to abducting Denise Huskins in March 2015.

Her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, said kidnappers broke into the couple’s Vallejo home, took Huskins and demanded $8,500 as a ransom.

Huskins turned up safe two days later in her hometown of Huntington Beach, where she says she was dropped off. After she reappeared, Vallejo police called the kidnapping a hoax.

Huskins sued, accusing police of wrongly likening the case to the movie “Gone Girl” and damaging the reputations of her and her boyfriend.