Concerns Growing After Calaveras County Releases Cannabis Registration List

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Names, addresses, businesses, and even how many marijuana plants growers will likely be cultivating are all found on a cannabis registration list made public this week by Calaveras County.

Whether your application to grow marijuana was certified, denied or pending approval, your information is out there. It's information, some on the list were hoping to keep private.

"We just don't want to be out on front street, and that's basically what it is," said Mountain Ranch resident Misty McCourt. "We don't want to be seen, we want to be left alone."

McCourt's name isn't on the list, but her address is. She lives in a trailer on a property in Mountain Ranch.

She says another man on the property applied for a permit to grow marijuana. Now that her address is out there, McCourt fears she could become the victim of a robbery, or worse.

"They are actually putting us in a direct path of harms way," said McCourt.

The Calaveras County Planning Department tells FOX40 they debated releasing the 23-page list, but after getting multiple public records requests, they claim, they had no choice.

"We debated at length whether or not we could not release this information," said Planning Director Peter Maurer.

The planning department said the database they created isn't something all applicants knew about.

"We did not state that it would be or could be we were just trying to get through the registration process," said Maurer.

With the document available now on the county website, McCourt said she doesn't know what she'll do if people come after the grow on her property.

"How are we supposed to protect ourselves," McCourt asked.