Storm Drops Rain, Hail, Snow Across Northern California

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Winter weather began Sunday afternoon in Rocklin with spurts of heavy rain.

And those fat rain drops, soon turned to hail that pelleted windshields and left wide, vertical lines of hail on the highway.

At the summit's rest stop, Kevin Lam was on his way back to Sacramento from Reno.

Clad in just a T-shirt, he welcomed the chilly weather.

" Love the snow. The sooner the better," he said.

Things turned crazy for one trucker passing down the Truckee River Canyon, just west of the state line.

"Unsafe speed for conditions during the rain. First rain of the season, so roadways get slippery," said Truckee CHP Officer Gavin Graham.

The driver told FOX40 that another car cut him off just before he flipped his rig.

"The driver lost control, was unable to regain control, bounced off the guard rails and eventually flipped over onto its right side where it came rest," Graham said.

CHP ended up closing both eastbound lanes of I-80 momentarily to tow the big rig out of the area.

By nightfall, the snow came down steadily, blanketing the sides of the roadway as gusts of wind blew by.

The traffic moved fairly normal down the freeway. But CHP had a reminder for drivers.

"When it rains, and it starts to snow, slow down," Graham added.