Golden 1 Center Prepares for First Event

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SACRAMENTO -- Tuesday, Sir Paul McCartney will be playing a concert as part of the grand opening for the Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento. The new arena is getting ready to open for the first-ever big public event.

While you can still hear and see the construction, the sound checks are starting to overpower the jackhammers. With the entire outside now accessible, people are leaning up against the glass to see how it looks inside.

"You can see the big screen up in the center, in the middle, every once and awhile they shine lights on the bleachers," said Mary Zipf, who looked inside the arena while walking by Monday.

"Very open, spacious, and it looks like it's going to serve its purpose very, very well," said Darlene McLean, who was also walking by Monday.

"It's pretty nice once it all gets done, kinda anxious about the parking though," said David Hague, a Kings fan who came by the arena.

The parking concern is one almost everyone who spoke with FOX40 has.

"The structure itself is gorgeous, we just were wondering where everyone is going to park," said McLean.

Many people will avoid taking their car and ride light rail instead. But other people told FOX40 they are skipping McCartney and the first few Kings home games altogether.

"I'm probably going to wait a little bit, and see how it goes, probably purchase tickets for later on in the season... Think tomorrow will be a big learning time on how we're going to handle all the traffic coming into the midtown area," said Hague.