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Two Local Men Killed in Oregon Boating Accident

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"I'm going to miss him a whole lot. He was a good man. But we'll get by because we are tight. We'll get by..." choking back his tears, Garrett Dann contemplated the untimely loss of his brother.

Dr. Rick Dann of Auburn was one of two local men to lose their lives to high seas while on a fishing trip in Bandon, Oregon, south of Coos Bay. Dann’s fishing buddy Doug Sherman of Newcastle was also killed, along with William Lamica of Reedsport, Oregon.

"They apparently went nose first right into the belly of a wave, and got pulled under, and didn't have a chance," Garrett Dann said.

Other fishermen saw the boat disappear and alerted the Coos County Sheriff's Office. A nearby Coast Guard station scrambled their helicopter to respond as well.

The bodies of all three men were recovered, but they could not be saved.

Both Sherman and Dann had extensive experience on the water fishing, boating and rafting.

Sherman's family says he was once in the Navy and was trained himself for open water rescue.

Dr. Chandler “Rick” Dann was in the process of refurbishing a retirement home for himself and his wife in the area of the accident. That after a long career in medicine locally -- first in private practice and then for the State of California.

"He was a great doctor; an excellent family physician. He saved us from many problems over the years. He was the best doctor we'll ever know,” Garret Dann said.