Bill Clinton on Obamacare: ‘I Strongly Supported That Bill’

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WASHINGTON (CNN) — Former President Bill Clinton praised Obamacare for giving health coverage to more than 20 million people, days after calling President Barack Obama’s signature health care law “crazy.”

“I strongly supported that bill, and it’s given more than 20 million people more insurance and it’s repealed the most insidious thing that effected all-millions of families, the preexisting condition ability of insurance companies not to insure people,” he said Wednesday at a voter registration breakfast in Youngstown, Ohio.

Clinton criticized the Affordable Care Act on Monday calling it, “the craziest thing in the world.” He later said the legislation “did a world of good” at an event Tuesday.

While the former president was more affirming of the policy Wednesday, he did not spare the bill of criticism.

“But there are problems with it. There are problems with it, and everybody knows it,” he said. “The Republicans want to repeal the law, their idea of solving the problem is to take 20 million people who have got insurance and take it away from them, give it all back to insurance companies again.”

Clinton said his wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who also supports the law, would greatly improve health care access for Americans by providing affordable insurance for low-income people. Fixing the problem is “doable” he said.

“Let them buy into Medicare or have another public option so we can all do it. Insurance doesn’t work well for healthcare,” he said.