Crosswalk Guard Hit by Truck Near Elementary School

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SACRAMENTO -- A hospital band was still wrapped around Roosevelt Tucker's wrist when he spoke to FOX40 on Wednesday evening.

"Both of my shoulders and my neck area, it's hurting," Tucker said.

The crosswalk guard is now recovering at home after a truck hit him while he was manning the crosswalk at Robert J. Fite Elementary School on Wednesday morning.

According to the CHP, the driver of the Dodge Ram stopped at the crosswalk but didn't remain stopped. Tucker said he was helping a student across the street and the man didn't wait for him to clear the crosswalk.

The CHP is investigating to figure out who's at fault.

The beloved parent volunteer, affectionately known as Mr. Tucker, will be OK and is only suffering minor injuries. Students, however, are shaken up. Many young kids, including Tucker's own daughter, saw the crash happen.

"I saw Mr. Tucker laying down on the ground," said Kristine Pham, 7.

The Elk Grove Unified School District wants this to be a lesson for drivers to be more aware in school zones.

"People need to be make sure they can be seen both that the driver can see the student and also the student can look and make sure the driver can see them," school district spokesperson Xanthi Pinkerton said.

The CHP said charges haven't been filed against driver yet.