Hundreds of Wasps Swarm, Sting Woman on El Dorado Hills Trail

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EL DORADO HILLS -- All areas of an El Dorado Hills hiking trail are back open after a woman and her young children were attacked by a swarm of wasps. The woman was reportedly stung more than 100 times trying to protect her children.

When a woman came frantically ringing the doorbell of her El Dorado Hills home Monday morning, Amber McMurtry expected anything but what she found on the other side of her door.

“She had bees swarming around her in her shirt, in her hair," recalled McMurtry.

It turns out they were wasps, and the woman’s pleas for her children spurred McMurty, her husband, and another neighbor to take action.

“She was jumping around screaming saying her kids were still there," McMurtry said.

The woman had been walking on the New York Trail near Falkirk Way with her children and her dogs when they were attacked. The mom attempted to draw off the swarm and ran for help while sending her kids in the other direction.

“The neighbor was able to find the little boy who was also stung, and had some stingers still in his neck,” McMurtry said.

The little girl made it out of the woods with no bites. But her mother was reportedly covered with hundreds of wasp stings on her head.

Afraid and in pain, both mom and son got into McMurtry’s pool for relief and later took themselves to the hospital.

El Dorado Hills Fire Chief Mike Lilienthal was one of the first responders called to the scene Monday. He tells FOX40 the El Dorado Hills Community Services district has treated the area for wasp infestations and found at least three nests in the ground.

According to the El Dorado County Environmental Management Agencies, wasps aren’t uncommon for the area. However, neighbors who spoke with FOX40 say they weren’t aware of the threat before this incident.

“I tend to be more cautious of rattlesnakes, bees you can hear coming,” said Gaetano Cosentino.

Cosentino is a regular on the popular New York Trail and says it never occurred to him to look out for wasps.

“It's pretty bizarre. It really did surprise me,” said Cosentino.

Lilienthal says the trail is back open in all areas, but urges caution, as the occasional wasp can still be found in the area.