Man Hurt by Woman Who Fell in Upper Deck of Golden 1 Center

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SACRAMENTO -- By most accounts, the inaugural event at the brand new Golden 1 Center on Tuesday evening went fantastic. But for one couple from Turlock who bought tickets to see Paul McCartney, their evening turned out to be anything but a memorable experience.

Tod and Melanie Harter tell FOX40 they don't have any plans to return to the new arena after Tod was injured while sitting in his seat in the upper deck on Tuesday, when a woman lost her balance and fell on top of him.

The couple says the design of the upper deck at the Golden 1 Center is partly to blame.

"I think it's going to be a big problem," said Melanie Harter. "We kept saying last night, this design is horrible. Something is wrong with your design because there is no room for someone to walk in-between, and there's not that safety net of a chair in front of you as you're walking to hold on to."

As McCartney rocked the sellout crowd on opening night, Tod and Melanie were enjoying the show in section 207. Suddenly though, their night of fun turned into a night of pain.

"I just know I had a sharp pain, like you're playing football and someone whacks you in the back," remembered Tod.

After the woman fell on him, Tod says he felt dizzy. His wife urged him to seek medical attention and the couple headed to the medical center at the arena. But when the Harters went to guest services, they say the facility was unprepared to help Tod.

"They weren't ready for an emergency. The first aid was, like I said, was this room with four chairs."

Tod declined guest services' offer to transport him to a hospital, but he left the Golden 1 Center in a wheel chair.

The Kings, who operate the new arena, told FOX40 there are multiple medical facilities within the Golden 1 Center, and all were fully staffed on opening night.

Meanwhile, the Harters said they did ask for their money back but were instead offered tickets to McCartney's show on Wednesday.

"We paid big bucks and didn't get to watch the show," said Melanie. "I thought it was the least they could do, was to give us our money back."

Melanie said she and her husband didn't want to be given seats in the upper deck again, calling it a possible safety hazard because of the steep design and very little room, in their opinion, to walk with nothing to grab on to.

Last week the Kings told FOX40 that the steep design for the upper deck of the new arena was, in part, to keep the fans closer to the action on the floor.