Parking Not a Problem for Most Concertgoers at Golden 1 Center

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SACRAMENTO -- Wednesday night is the second performance from Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney at the Golden 1 Center. We're getting a better idea of how traffic and people are flowing in and out of the downtown area for large events.

"It was really easy, we came early, we parked about five blocks that way, walked and had dinner and now we're walking off our dinner to go into the show," said Marc Brown, who parked on the street for the McCartney concert.

The city of Sacramento said most of the garages were only at 30 percent capacity on Tuesday night.
But not all of them were.

"Ours was over 30 percent last night, yeah," said Megan Davis-Wetsell, the parking manager at the U.S. Bank Tower, right across the street from the Golden 1 Center. At the same time, her garage was not full only because her company didn't want it to be.

"Well we didn't fill up intentionally, we wanted to make sure that our staff can handle, we've hired a ton of staff to handle the events. So we wanted to make sure our staff was comfortable with a reasonable amount, we didn't want to over burden them," Davis-Wetsell said soon they will sell all their spaces.

For events at Golden 1, the U.S. Bank Tower garage is using cashiers charging $25, instead of their automated system which exists during business hours. But no matter where you find a space, expect to pay more.

"We were a little surprised, we parked on the street, and the same meter that we paid $3 for the other night was $10 tonight, so they're switching prices but we paid $15 to park at Arco, so that's fine," said Brown.