Regulator Warns State Water Cutbacks May Return

SACRAMENTO (AP) — State regulators say they fear some water districts in drought-stricken California have abandoned conservation efforts as saving dropped off significantly.

The State Water Resources Control Board on Wednesday reported how much water Californian saved in August. California is entering a possible sixth year of drought.

The board reports that Californians saved less than 18 percent in August, down by nearly 10 percent from a year earlier.

Board Chair Felicia Marcus says some districts’ conservation measures have slipped more than seems prudent.

Last winter delivered a near-average amount of rain and snow mostly in Northern California, but it wasn’t enough to end the long dry spell.

Regulators relaxed state-mandated savings, turning over conservation to local districts.

Officials warn that it may have to return to state-mandated conservation that required savings of up to 25 percent.