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For Professional Clowns, the ‘Creepy’ Epidemic is No Joke

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SACRAMENTO -- Creepy clowns are wreaking havoc on schools across the region, but students aren't the only ones who are scared.

Professional clowns said they have to think twice before leaving their homes in costume now. Their businesses are also suffering.

"We've been hearing, 'We're going to kill a clown,'" said professional clown, Kelly.

It took a lot to get Kelly the Clown, Oops C. Daisy and Hugz out in public after they said creepy clown threats against schools make professional clowns a target.

"When Fairfield got threats I never even left my house I closed my house up put my car in the garage and just kind of hid from the world and got very, very, very depressed," said Kelly.

After decades in the industry Kelly and her friends said they have to act differently on the streets. They don't want to startle anyone.

They're also dealing with hits to their incomes. Clients are pulling out of gigs because of the creepy clown epidemic.

"Now the schools are doubting it I had some few concerns this morning from schools," said Kelly.

Through it all the three friends are trying to stay positive and get back to clowning around. Old Sac visitors made going to work a little easier.

"They are adorable look at the little nose right there," said one visitor from Placerville.