Calif. Voter Foundation Releases ‘Proposition Song’

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SACRAMENTO -- In just under a month, voters have a lot more decisions to make than just their choice for president.

The California Voter Foundation released their new music video titled the "2016 Proposition Song."

For the past six elections, the non-profit, non partisan organization has helped voters understand the state initiatives by writing a song about the proposed laws.

"There's a lot of homework for voters to do. We know it's hard," the organization's president Kim Alexander, said.

She said she was inspired by School House Rock. Many voters picked up on that.

"It reminds me of when I was a kid. How a bill becomes a law. Bill on Capitol hill. I think it's helpful," voter, Terri Boughton said.

The folk song goes through the 17 initiatives on this year's ballot.

From gun control, to marijuana, to the death penalty, the song matches each prop number with the measure.

"The song is to make the process of learning about the propositions fun and engaging. and not have to take a lot of time," Alexander said.

She said many people do not want to read the official 105 page Proposition explanation packet.

While the five minute song does not replace the packet, she hopes the music video gets thousands of views. She knows song the song will not have much of a shelf life.

"We want to make sure we get it out as early as possible. So people can enjoy it. Because you know what? On November 9th, I don't think many people are going to want to watch the Proposition song music video," Alexander said.

Click here to see the lyrics and chords.