Folsom Fire Department Helps a Mother Give Birth on the Side of the Road

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FOLSOM -- The moment a baby boy was brought into the world was captured on a police scanner Sunday night.

"It's a boy, and we've got medics arriving!" was heard on the scanner.

Firefighters and paramedics helped a mother give birth on the side of the road near Folsom Lake.

"Just happened a lot fast than they thought," said Firefighter-Paramedic Richard Summy.

Summy was called to Briggs Ranch Road and Folsom Point about 6:40 p.m.

He said firefighters delivered the baby in the backseat of the mother's car.

"It was a very fast delivery, that's why they had to pull over on the side of the road while they were en route to the hospital," Summy said,

It seems the baby couldn't wait for the hospital. Summy said labor lasted just a few minutes.

"Baby ended up being just fine, just like the mom," he said.

Summy helped bring the seemingly healthy mother and baby boy into the ambulance.

"I was taking care of the mom on this side," he said.

Summy said the new mom was calm as he sat beside her on the way to the hospital.

It was an unusual and memorable call for the fire department.

Crews are trained for this, but for firefighters, it's still a thrill.

"It was really a gratifying call, had a really happy outcome, and it was really good to be a part of," Summy said.

The experience is one mom, dad and baby will likely never forget.

Summy said the parents are already looking forward to sharing the story of their little boy's first moments out of the womb.

"Both parents did say they'd have stories about how he was born on the side of the road and took to the hospital by the fire department," he said.

Summy said the baby boy didn't have a name before they got to the hospital.