Prominent Sacramento Republican Featured in Clinton Ad

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SACRAMENTO -- A new campaign ad from Hillary Clinton features a prominent Sacramento Republican. In the past, consultant Doug Elmets has worked on four GOP presidential campaigns.

"I think that (Clinton) would be one of the finest presidents, certainly in modern history," Elmets said.

As a staff member in Reagan's White House, Elmets told FOX40 he never thought 30 years later he'd be campaigning for the other side. But he said Donald Trump changed all that.

"He is, as exhibited last night in the debate, one creepy human being... I think that Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave right now. I think he would be astonished to see what Donald Trump has done to his party," Elmets said.

Trump delegate and Republican former Congressman Doug Ose said he can't believe the switch Elmets has made.

"I'm worried about my friend Doug Elmets... I do not understand it, 'cause everything he's ever worked for articulated is just 180 degrees opposite from what Ms. Clinton stands for," Ose told FOX40.

Ose said conservative voters should put Trump's character flaws aside and focus on the differences between his policies and Clinton's, which there were plenty of examples of in Sunday's debate.

"If you're going to vote base on a discussion about boorish behavior, you're going to vote for Clinton. If you're going to vote based on how you deal with these problems, you're going to vote for Trump," Ose said.

But Elmets disagrees and said after speaking at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia over the summer, many others within the GOP reached out to him.

"Who said 'thank you so much for standing up and said what we wanted to say but necessarily didn't have the platform to do it,'" Elmets said.